Nowadays, companies and institutions have a complex and expensive task which is the catchment of new customers, suppliers and investors. One Agency have transformed the merchandising with new techniques developed in algorithm in the world of social media.



One Agency uses different platforms and virtual tools developed by our own teams in the world of social media. One Agency is specialized in the creation of tailored algorithms to our client’s area. We get save time and money at the same time we give to the company added value.

We manage your trading agenda with a database. We do the personalized contact with your potential costumer in your country or in different one. We arrange final meetings with the person responsible for the purchase.



Our goals are our costumer’s goals

Our team design a strategic plan of work about the company to know its philosophy, products and services. We choose the best countries to export and import trough own channels of sale with commercial agents in the local language. We do the sale of the product without a market study. Our platforms and development of the algorithms allow us find business without waste of time and effort. We get the sale in a 80%.

A team, a dream

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